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Only £365

** Saves Strain On Your Back

** Prevents Injuries

** Now With Adjustable Width

** Adjustable Height

** Incredible Value

** Lifetime Warranty

Dumbbell Stands - Watson Gym Equipment

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Save Your Back when Shrugging with Heavy Dumbbells!

Our Adjustable Height Dumbbell Stands allow you to take and release the dumbbells from just below working height meaning a lot less load and strain on the lower back.

Our Dumbbell Stands allow you to focus on the exercise and muscles intended.

Incredibly Heavy Duty and designed to take dumbbells up to 150kg!!

**NEW DESIGN** This Product now has a new design allowing the width of the stands to be adjusted.

Additional Information

Review Summary

3.00 out of 5

1 Customer Review for Dumbbell Stands

    3 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I love my dumbbell stands and when doing multiple heavy sets with the same weight they are a godsend
    before I got them I was so tired by the time I got from the dumbbell rack to the bench or from hoisting them up from the floor that I am convinced I lost 2 or 3 reps just because of this . . . but not anymore
    so why the 3 stars ?
    well the dumbbell rack I have is not the dumbbell rack I bought
    the one I bought had bare metal where the dumbbells are placed which after one use scratched the paint and would surely damage the dumbbells in time . . . so I glued some protective rubber onto the dumbbell holders myself, which I don’t hink I should have had to do
    secondly the stands are quite wide so standing between them it is not possible to bend down and pick up both dumbbells at the same time
    you have to pick up one, shuffle sideways and pick up the other
    they have a height adjustment but would be great if they had a width adjustment as well
    so I cut the “cross beam” and inserted an inner tube and now can slide them in and out to whatever width I please
    probably voided the warranty but these things are so solid I doubt there will ever be any need for the warranty
    and now I LOVE these stands !!!

    NB: We have now modified the design so the stands are closer together. Rubber is now standard on top of the plates.

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