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Olympic Kettlebell Kandle - Horizontal Load - All Options
Olympic Kettlebell Handle - Horizontal Load - Fixed Parallel HandleOlympic Kettlebell Handle - Horizontal Load - Fixed Perpendicular HandleOlympic Kettlebell Handle - Horizontal Load - Revolving Perpendicular Handle

Horizontal Load Olympic Kettlebell Handle

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Nick Mitchell - Always Use Watson In Every Gym - Watson Gym Equipment
I am very fortunate in that I have my pick of the world’s best strength training equipment for the UP gyms.

We always use Watson in every gym no matter where we are opening in the world.

Why? Because Simon Watson makes the best dumbbells on the planet, his products are constantly innovative and moving forward, and the customer service experience is second to none in the fitness industry.

If I see a gym with Watson equipment I always know that I should take it seriously.  I can give no higher accolade than that.
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Horizontal Load Olympic Kettlebell Handle » Watson Gym Equipment

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Watson Heavy Duty Horizontal Load Olympic Kettlebell


Another version of our popular, plate loaded kettlebells - also know as a Heavy Duty Swing Bar.

This is an massive, heavy-duty Horizontal Load Olympic Kettlebell weighing 12 Kg and loadable up to 120 Kg using 10 Kg cast discs.

The loading bar is 450mm long, 50mm diameter solid bright drawn steel and the handle is 30mm solid steel.

Sold as a single kettlebell.

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Review Summary

5.00 out of 5

1 Customer Review for Horizontal Load Olympic Kettlebell Handle

  1. smileyian
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I bought this piece of kit to develop my heavy swings, rather than having more kettlebells due to space issues in the gym. You wont be disappointed with this bar it is an excellent piece of kit and to the usual high standards of Watsons.

    I bought the fixed handle with perpendicular loading, it takes a time to get used to the swing motion due to the bar being longer than a normal kettlebell. However, it does allow you to load up to significant weight, a tip when using this bar is to stand on two platforms giving more room for the bar to swing between the platforms. This saves the bar from nose diving into the deck with you attached to it. You only have to do this once, to understand the platforms are the way ahead.

    Overall a great piece of kit and its built like a tank, 5 star item .

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