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Westside Hip and Quad Developer – Pro 1
Westside Hip and Quad Developer - Pro - Alternate View - Watson Gym Equipment

Westside Hip and Quad Developer Pro

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Old School Louie Simmons
“…Equipment quality, strength, durability and performance – requirements [for which] we have researched and determined that Watson Gym Equipment will exceed our expectations.”
Louie Simmons
Powerlifting Legend
Owner of Westside Barbell

Westside Hip and Quad Developer Pro - Watson Gym Equipment

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Westside Hip and Quad Developer Pro

The Westside Hip and Quad Developer Pro will build tremendous strength in the hips and quadriceps using a full range of motion.

This patented device fills the void for an exercise designed to satisfy the need for accentuated muscular effort.

The latest strength building invention from powerlifting guru Louie Simmons, the Hip and Quad Developer works much the same way as the Inverse Curl, but for the anterior of the legs rather than the posterior, focusing on building the quadriceps and the hip flexors.

The user employs weight ballast and variable starting positions to determine how much assistance they want and through what portion of the repetition, while performing a variation on the traditional sissy squat movement.

Safer and more versatile than a typical leg extension machine, especially at higher weights, this device uses constant tension in the eccentric and concentric phases of the repetition to build robust quads, hip flexors and core, while being flexible enough to allow hurt athletes to build their legs when coming back from injury.

Features include 17 starting positions for the padded and upholstered lever arm, a generously cushioned calf pad, aluminum diamond footplate and chrome plating in all the places that matter.

The five-foot frame design is stable and uses only three assembly bolts for the ultimate in rigidity.

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