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Westside Inverse Curl – Pro 1

Westside Inverse Curl Pro

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Old School Louie Simmons
“…Equipment quality, strength, durability and performance – requirements [for which] we have researched and determined that Watson Gym Equipment will exceed our expectations.”
Louie Simmons
Powerlifting Legend
Owner of Westside Barbell

Westside Inverse Curl Pro - Watson Gym Equipment

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The BEST Way to Learn the Glute Ham Raise Movement…

The Glute Ham Raise is an Amazing piece of equipment for building Massive Strength throughout the Posterior Chain. However, a lot of people avoid it though as it’s a tough movement to learn and even without any added resistance puts a huge load on the hamstring/glutes etc.

The Westside Inverse Curl Pro adds ASSISTANCE to the movement so you can firstly learn the correct technique before progressively adding load. The more weight you add to the Westside Inverse Curl, the more Assistance you have.

As you get Stronger, gradually lower the weight used until there is zero weight on the machine, at this point you can perform a Perfect Glute Ham Raise! This great machine can then be used to add resistance very efficiently.

Louie Says:

“A common problem with athletic training is the lack of posterior chain development.

The glutes and hamstrings are two major contributing muscle groups within this chain and they play a vital role in producing force for most sports – especially events that involve jumping, sprinting or bounding.

One may argue that there are major compound exercises that develop these muscle groups, such as the box squat and the deadlift.

Such exercises are essential to perform, however, they are compound movements that lack specificity.

To properly develop under-trained hamstrings and glutes, it is essential to specifically address their weakness through exercises that target them, yet also employ a full range of movement.

Up until now the only effective way to target and develop hamstrings and glutes was utilizing Soviet training methods, such as those used by athletes Vasili Alexeyev and Valri Borshoff.

Realizing that these exercise methods are highly difficult to complete, even among trained athletes, Louie Simmons from Westside Barbell developed, patented and trademarked the Westside Barbell Inverse Curl Machine™.

Key concepts of the Westside Barbell Inverse Curl Machine™:

Weighted Assistance

This allows all users regardless of athletic ability and gender to place focused effort on the hamstrings and glutes through a full range of movement.

Progressive Hamstring Rehabilitation

The assistance offered by this machine allows athletes recovering from a hamstring injury to safely and progressively vary the amount of assistance needed until the injury is fully rehabilitated.

Weighted Resistance

As the athlete gets stronger, the weighted assistance or angle of assistance is decreased which will increase the resistance that one must overcome to return to the upright position.

Inverse leg curls are critical in placing focused effort on one of the most under-trained (and therefore most frequently injured) muscles that an athlete needs in order to perform at the peak of his abilities.

To make this difficult exercise more accessible to those new to focused hamstring training, and to provide those with sprained hamstrings the perfect tool for getting back to form as quickly as possible, the revolutionary Westside Barbell Inverse Curl Machine™ allows the user to select how much assistance they need, and where in the rep they would like that assistance to begin.

How does it work?

A height-adjustable chest roller supports the upper body and forces the hamstrings to be the primary source of motion.

The amount of assistance offered to the user on the return to the upright position is varied by the amount of weight loaded as a counterweight and by adjusting the starting position of the support arm.

In the end, this machine concentrates effort on one of the most difficult-to-train muscle groups and does it in a manner that grows with the user’s abilities, even if they are injured.

Gain a competitive edge today by equipping your training facility with a machine that strengthens one of the most under-trained and most often injured muscles among athletes, and as the exclusive manufacturer for Westside Barbell in Europe, Watson Gym Equipment is the only place you can get it.”

Features that separate the Pro Series Inverse Curl from the value-oriented Performance Series Inverse Curl:

  • Larger footplate to accommodate a greater range of user statures and foot stances.
  • Additional guide rod and linear bearings for extra smooth footplate adjustments.
  • Integrated weight storage with for chrome-plated Olympic-size weight pegs.

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