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Westside Plyo Swing 1
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Westside Plyo Swing

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Westside Plyo Swing - Watson Gym Equipment

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Westside Plyo Swing

This is a patented and advanced piece of training equipment.

The Plyo Swing or Virtual Force Swing is essential for sports requiring extreme strength or explosive power during take-offs and landings, and for sports involving jumping, sprinting or lifting.

This machine is designed to convert potential energy into kinetic energy. We can increase mass and range of motion, and additionally we can adjust the amount of speed desired by using bands. We know through physics that increasing the mass is not as effective as increasing the velocity in order to increase kinetic energy.

The eccentric phase causes most muscular soreness or delayed onset of muscular soreness.

Eccentric work can generate much higher forces due to the tension-generating capacity of the connective tissue.

When high-velocity eccentric work is introduced progressively, it enables the connective tissue to resist high-impact forces that accompany high-impact activities such as jumping, running and depth jumps.

High-speed or overspeed eccentrics are vital to superior training and results.

Using a large amount of bands to increase velocity and adding weight plates to the Plyo Swing to change mass will produce a very positive training effect.

Its value cannot be duplicated in any other way due to the fact that one will invariably use more eccentric muscle tension and slow the yielding phase, causing a lessening effect on the reversal phase.

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