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Westside Ultra Pro Reverse Hyper 1

Westside Ultra Pro Reverse Hyper

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Old School Louie Simmons
“…Equipment quality, strength, durability and performance – requirements [for which] we have researched and determined that Watson Gym Equipment will exceed our expectations.”
Louie Simmons
Powerlifting Legend
Owner of Westside Barbell

Westside Ultra Pro Reverse Hyper - Watson Gym Equipment

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Westside Ultra Pro Reverse Hyper

The Westside Ultra Pro Reverse Hyper® (Patents: 5356,359 and 6,491,607b2) decompresses the spine and has no vertical compression on the spine at all.

This is the ‘Strap-or-Roller’ model that changes with a pin removal – it has two sets of straps, as well as the ankle rollers.

It allows for dynamic strength development in the concentric phase, while serving as a rehabilitation mechanism in the eccentric phase by gently stretching and depressurizing the spine and creating, in essence, an internal pumping mechanism, filling the spinal column with spinal fluid and the low back muscles with blood.

Anyone who has injured their back knows that the pressure needs to be relieved and circulation restored to the injured area in order to rehabilitate.

This can be used 3 to 4 times a week for therapeutic work but we have also had clients that used it every day with light weights to get the tightness out of their lower back area.

1m (40″) x 1.3m (48″) and 1.1m (42″) high welded frame unit to take the abuse of heavy weights plus 24-hour-a-day use.

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