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Economy Glute Ham Raise

Price :

£465.00£615.00ex VAT

ex VAT
  • Incredible exercise for strengthening the posterior chain
  • Super compact, space-saving design
  • Incredible value
  • One of our best-selling products
  • Lifetime warranty
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Product ID: 70724

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CALL US: 01373 455 550 For more information


On All Framework. 5 Years - On All Moving Parts. 1 Year - On All Cables.


(6 customer reviews)


6 reviews for Economy Glute Ham Raise

  1. iammatt1 (verified owner)

    Excellent product. Much more compact than anything else on the market, yet built like a tank. Service was even better. Thank you guys.

  2. brbrad1812 (verified owner)

    This Economy Floor GHR is everything one would expect from a Watson-engineered station, and much more. The design and build quality is simply unparalleled; a GHR with this small a footprint which can securely anchor virtually anyone in place while performing the movement is just insane. If you’re shopping for a GHR / Floor GHD, choose this one even if price and floorspace aren’t a factor.

  3. benjiedwardjones (verified owner)

    Incredibly happy with the build quality! Perfect for a home gym!

  4. Jordan

    Beautifully constructed, solid piece. Like other Watson products I have purchased, I have found it to be more versatile than I expected. In addition to its primary function, I find myself using it as a yoga block to help with various stretches. I also use it to lock in my feet when doing pulldowns with a pulley. Doing Glute Ham Raises on the floor makes it very easy and safe to pick up (and put down) weights. Excellent!

  5. Michael

    I’m really pleased with my Economy Glute Ham Raise the build quality
    and finish is superb. It’s ideal for home use and people of various sizes.
    The customer service was good as well, as I was kept up to date with
    the status of my order.

  6. mdTEACH

    I think this product the best option for a home gym and in my opinion even better than a traditionnal GHR. It feel litterally indestructible and it fit all size, I am 188cm and my wife 164cm and both of us us the product with no problem.

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