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Pro Olympic Weight Plates

£100.00£5,350.00 ex VAT

  • Solid Marine Grade Stainless Steel.
  • No Coating to Peel or Deteriorate
  • Customisable with YOUR Logo.
  • CNC machined to Incredible Accuracy.
  • Thinnest plates available!
  • Lifetime Warranty.



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On All Framework. 5 Years - On All Moving Parts. 1 Year - On All Cables.

Best looking Weight Plates on the Market?

We think so…


But we knew that Olympic Weight Plates that simply look Incredible was just never going to be enough for us or our customers when we first looked at introducing these onto the market.

We knew that to sit alongside our World Famous Watson Pro Dumbbells, these new Weight Plates would have to be Incredibly Accurate in Finish and Weight; Thinner than any other Plate; Be Customisable with YOUR Logo; Look Amazing not just now, but in 10/20/30 years time.

Any orders under £500 with a customised logo will incur a £100 design fee.

This last point was the toughest.

It’s easy (and relatively cheap) to machine weight plates from Mild Steel, get them Zinc or Nickel Plated and they will look fine when they arrive with their new owner.

BUT, given a year or so of use they will lose their shine and the coating will erode, chip or peel away.

That is why we decided (helped by 15 years of experience manufacturing Dumbbells) that the ONLY material to use would be Stainless Steel. No Coating, just pure Stainless Steel.

Anything else just wouldn’t be right. Like plastic vent controls on a Bentley. The Wrong Way to Cut Costs.

So what’s the right way to Cut Costs? How do we manage to produce these Weight Plates at cost that most manufacturers couldn’t even buy the raw Stainless material for?

Well. Firstly we buy a LOT of Stainless. Currently over 80,000kg each month. These quantities mean we buy directly from the Mill at the very best prices.

Secondly we have once again Invested heavily into the latest and most efficient CNC Machining Centre that is set up purely to machine these new Weight Plates. We don’t sub-contract anything out, we control Everything at Every Stage.

The result is what we believe is the Finest Olympic Weight Plates available. We hope you like them.


Weights (kg) 150kg set 250kg set 350kg Set 500kg set
25 x2 x6 x6 x12
20 x2 x2 x4 x4
15 x2 x2 x4 x4
10 x2 x2 x4 x4
5 x2 x2 x4 x4
Weights (LBS) 230lb set 410lb set 550lb Set 810lb set
45 x2 x6 x6 x12
35 x2 x2 x4 x4
25 x2 x2 x4 x4
10 x2 x2 x4 x4


Or put together your own set speak to us for more details – [email protected]

Please Note:

All orders outside the EU are subject to import tax/duties & customs clearance.

We have no control over these charges. Please contact your local tax office for further information.

Orders shipped outside EU

Once your order has been manufactured and dispatched from Watson HQ, you will automatically be assigned to an agent who will help you to clear your shipment when it arrives. The contact details of your agent can be found on the Bill of Lading. You will receive this once we have received confirmation that the ship has actually set sail. You can also use the information on the Bill of lading to track your shipment. If you have your own agent that you want to use to clear your shipment, that is fine, please send us the details at the time of ordering, or at least one week prior to shipping.

USA Customers Only

You will need a customs broker to help you clear your shipment. You cannot do this by yourself. If you do not have one that is fine, we can put you in touch with a customs broker that we use for all of our customers in the States that do not have one. A power of attorney will need to be set up so that they can act on your behalf and help you clear the shipment.

Please note: We simply cannot ship anything to the States without this being in place. Failure to get this sorted ahead of time will effect shipping times.

Import Tax & Duties

As you are ordering from outside the UK there is not VAT on your order. Once the goods arrive at port there will be import taxes / duties and customs clearance costs that must be paid for by the importer of goods before the shipment can be released and delivered. These costs are not included in your shipping quote. We have no control over these costs and they vary country to country. Usually a small percentage of your total order value. For further information please contact your local tax office.

Once import tax and duties have been paid, your shipment will then get released from customs and become available for delivery. The shipping agent assigned to your shipment will be in contact with you to arrange a suitable delivery time. If you do not hear from anyone after you have paid customs charges, please do not hesitate to call your agent listed on the bill of lading, or contact us and we can chase it up for you.

Delivery Day

Deliveries are usually made during normal working hours which can vary country to country. If you need a specific time window for delivery please let us know at the time of ordering, there will be an extra charge. All deliveries are made to kerbside ONLY. It is your responsibility to unload the equipment from the delivery vehicle therefore you will need to arrange a forklift to unload. It is also strongly advised to have a few extra hands to help you unload and move things into place. Depending on what you have ordered, we may be able to ship on single pallets therefore a forklift is not required. Single Pallets can be unloaded via tail gate which is on the back of the truck. It will still then be your responsibility to move the items into place.. If you are unsure whether your order/delivery requires a forklift, please enquire.

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