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Plate Load Super Incline Chest Press

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  • Super Incline Targets Upper Chest Perfectly
  • Independent Arms with Adjustable Start Positions
  • Wide to Narrow Movement for Ultimate Contraction
  • Ultra Heavy Duty and Super Smooth
  • Lifetime warranty



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On All Framework. 5 Years - On All Moving Parts. 1 Year - On All Cables.

The Most Under Trained Part Of Your Chest Is Holding Back Your Chest Development…

Only attainable with hard graft in the gym, the chest is one of the most striking muscle groups a bodybuilder can develop. 

A broad and protruding chest is a sign of pure strength.

Whilst the bench press is the often favored exercise for chest training, once the lifter advances out of the novice phase of training, maximal chest development is only possible from training multiple angles. 

The uppermost fibres of the pectoralis major (the clavicular head), are best stimulated when the lifter lays at an angle and performs an ‘incline press’. 

When fully developed, the upper chest completes the overall look of the pectorals, by making them look ‘full’. 

In addition, it also prevents the dreaded ‘droopy chest’. 

However, despite the incline barbell and dumbbell press being routine exercises, many gym-goers still fail to attain the full and complete chest development they strive for…


The Problem With The Incline Press

Incline presses are essential if you want to target and develop your upper chest, creating a thick and full appearance. 

However, when performed with free weights, the steeper the incline, the more stabilisation is required.

This stabilisation effectively ‘steals’ the neural drive from the pectorals, thus diminishes stimulation. 

At steeper inclines, most lifters will discover their shoulders taking over the movement and leaving their chest woefully under-stimulated. 

The problem is even more noticeable in longer limbed individuals who may feel their triceps are performing the majority of the work. 

So whilst training at steeper inclines is required for complete chest development… 

It is a challenge for many lifters to properly engage their chest when pressing from these angles. 

Until now…


Introducing…The Watson Plate Loaded Super Incline Chest Press

Finally, you can now achieve complete pectoral development.

The Super Incline Chest Press removes the necessity to stabilise the shoulder joint, thus allowing a greater emphasis to be placed exactly where you want it – on the highest fibres of the chest muscles. 

As this is a very undertrained angle, it’s only a short matter of time before you trigger brand new growth, and add thickness and density to your pectoral muscles. 

Here’s what you need to know about this incredible machine: – 

  • ‘Super Incline’ Angle

Performing this movement at a super incline allows you to finally hit the upper chest without the shoulders or triceps ‘taking over’ the movement.

  • Angled Handles 

The angled handle design allows you to press comfortably with minimal stress on the wrists and shoulder. 

  • Super Smooth Movement

No more stiff and clunky movements. 

This machine has been designed to produce a super smooth movement, making it easier to maintain tension on the working muscle and generate maximum growth. 

  • Wide To Narrow Movement

As you press the handles, your arms will be drawn inwards towards the centre of your chest, which works the pectorals through a bigger range of motion and enables you to generate huge activation. 

  • Unilateral Movement

Independent arms mean you can train one limb at a time, which allows you to hit the chest harder, and eradicate strength discrepancies between sides. 

  • Adjustable Seat Height

No matter your height, you can still use this machine safely and effectively. 

  • Plate Storage

4 x plate storage pins so you can keep your working weights close by and won’t waste energy lugging weights across the gym.

  • No Maximum Weight Limit

Designed for use by the strongest people on the planet, you can load this machine up as heavy as you need to with zero fear of it breaking.  

  • Indestructible Design

No matter how much it’s used and abused, this machine will never let you down. 


Using The Super Incline Chest Press In Your Training

When you have access to the super incline chest press machine, you will have total freedom to use it however you wish. 

That said, at Watson HQ, we devised a 6-phase plan that incorporates the machine into your chest training – 

Phase 1: Intro

Perform the Super Incline Press as the first exercise of the session, when you’re feeling fresh. 

This will allow you to get used to the feeling of the movement, whilst maintaining constant tension, without being under the influence of fatigue. 

Using a moderate rep range of 6-8 reps will enable you to work towards heavier loads and build rapid strength in these underutilised muscle fibres. 

Phase 2: Growth

Once you’ve built strength in this range, place the exercise into any part of your workout and stimulate further growth with a higher rep range of 10-15 reps. 

Phase 3: Unilateral 

Use the machine one arm at a time (unilaterally) with a moderate number of reps (6-10).

Working one arm at a time requires high levels of concentration, but can help you to really focus on the working muscle and elicit massive levels of chest activation. 

Phase 4: Iso-Unilateral

Press both handles out and whilst holding one handle in place, work one arm at a time in alternating fashion for 8-10 reps per side. 

This method will absolutely fry the chest as it’s forced to remain under constant tension from 2 different types of contraction. 

Expect this to deliver a skin-splitting pump like you’ve never experienced before. 

Phase 5: Eccentric 

Have a partner help lift the handles out for you and then lower them under full control under a count of 4-8 seconds for 6-8 reps.

Not only will the eccentric contractions enable you to recruit even more muscle than you could lift normally, but it’s also a potent factor in ramping up muscle hypertrophy. 

Be warned…the DOMS is unreal. 

Phase 6: Finisher

Reduce the load and perform the exercise last in your routine. 

The goal is to attain a maximal pump by hitting an overall high number of reps (50+) in the shortest time possible. 

Not Just For A Bigger Chest…

Even if a bigger chest isn’t your goal, this machine still has other uses…

The steep incline of this machine also represents the angle used in various sporting activities, such as: – 

  • Shooting a basketball
  • Striking a taller opponent in boxing/MMA
  • Lifting a player in the lineout in rugby 

Therefore, this machine has a very high ‘dynamic correspondence’ to these movements,  permitting the athlete to train their upper limbs at angles seen in their chosen sport. 

Not only will this allow them to build maximal strength within the range…

But it also provides an excellent rehabilitation option for injured athletes who need to rebuild strength and muscle where it’s needed most.


The Watson Guarantee

Now you can have peace of mind when ordering gym equipment.

Watson Gym Equipment is built with longevity in mind. 

Unlike other manufacturers who construct machines with a short life expectancy that deteriorates rapidly with frequent use…

Our equipment is built to last, no matter how much it’s used.

As we are so confident our equipment will last you forever, we are more than happy to offer you a lifetime warranty on all framework and a 5 year warranty on all moving parts.

If any part of the machine should ever need fixing or replacing, please feel free to contact us immediately.



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