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Engineering Greatness – Issue 1

In the second quarter of 2023, Watson Gym Equipment updated our branding. Subtle changes, same outlook but more focused than ever to push things forward, grow and create. 

The Watson tagline is “Engineering Greatness” and we are on a quest to uncover the common elements that comprise this elusive and inspirational quality.

Over the course of 2023 and beyond we will be meeting and interviewing great people of different industries from across the globe.


Watson – Engineering Greatness – Building the Blueprint of Better.

For our first issue we travelled to Nagoya, Japan to meet up with the inspiring, smart and very welcoming Mr Takashi Yamazaki.

We had a tour of their state-of-the-art factories complete with a pristine Lamborghini Countach and an international wine collection comprising of the “Greatest Hits” from France and Italy.

Before our official interview we were served a very English lunch in a private golf club owned by Mazak. During our meal I remarked that they even seemed to have got the English country manor smell right as it felt so authentic. Mr Yamazaki let me know that it was probably because the building was imported brick by brick from Scotland!

Mazak is internationally regarded as one of the finest tooling companies on the planet. Watson has Mazak DNA running through it. Our founder Simon Watson holds the brand and its quality machines in extremely high regard, Watson owns various Machine Tools as well as Tube and Flat Lasers and it seemed only natural to reach out to Mazak to learn more about the personality behind its success.

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