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End of year roundup – 2023

2023 has been a milestone year for us at Watson

A new brand, a new website, but the same drive and determination to create the best gym equipment the world has ever seen!

This blog looks at some of the awesome things we have been up to this year.


We are consistently researching and developing new products. Our commitment to offering the best range is also demonstrated in the growth of our full-time design team (more on that later).

2023 has been our biggest year yet for the development and launch of new products:

  • Multi Pec / Delt
  • 40mm Revolving Dumbbell Handles.
  • Plate Loaded Hip Abductor
  • Plate Loaded Multi-Trainer
  • Single Stack Standing Adductor
  • Hip Thrust Bench
  • Watson Arm Chair
  • Rocky Ab Bench
  • Tru Pull


Can’t stop. Won’t stop! It’s not enough to have the best kit on the market and so we continue to tweak and improve our existing line. Small changes for big gainz! Some of our updates include:

Animal Leg Press upgrades :

  • Side-loaded top and bottom pins.
  • Top and bottom rolling band pegs.
  • Shoulder brace attachment.

Plate Loaded Front Pulldown upgrades:

  • Rotating / Pivoting handles
  • Longer loading pins
  • Overall smaller footprint

Animal Chest Supported T-Bar Row upgrades:

  • Lightweight handles for easy adjustment
  • Handle on footplate.
  • Double Thick Chest Pad
  • Bar catcher moved more central for less sideways movement

New Stainless Steel and Aluminium Pull Pins and Weight Stack Pins


You know that we are the pioneers of gym equipment customisation. Since our inception we have put your brand identity at the forefront of our designs. This year we gave you even more options to make your kit uniquely yours and stand out to your members and audience.

  • Lambo stitch
  • Aston stitch
  • Wooden weight stack guarding


Did you know that in the 25 years that Watson has been trading we have only had one designer – Simon Watson! This year we tripled our design team 😉 We are proud to announce that we have a switched on and dedicated small design studio with the sole focus of creating world leading equipment!


Our dedication to our customer has meant that 2023 saw some big investments at Watson.


We have always had a deep connection to Australia. Our kit has been well received in this vibrant territory and we’re proud to have some super supportive customers. Unfortunately over the years it’s been increasingly difficult to ship out products in a timely and cost effective way. Back in the summer we opened our first location outside UK in Melbourne. We now carry stock in our offices there and due to advances in our manufacturing process we can serve our Australian customers in a much more efficient way.

2nd Robot Weld Cell

This year we invested in a 2nd robot weld cell from industry leader Yaskawa. This purchase will increase our output and turnaround.

Fladder Deburring machine

A simple yet effective machine that softens the edges from plate work, This will give us an improved look of our products into 2024.

LOOK TO 2024

As we tie up this year, we reflect on our achievements and hard work, but we will never remain complacent! We have some new developments to announce in Q1 that will see that our worldwide customers get our products quicker and smoother than ever before. We anticipate a lot of work and an expected growth of 32%.

It remains for us to thank every one of our customers and supporters, we appreciate you wholeheartedly, you drive us to be better.

Happy Holidays!

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