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The Queens Award for Enterprise – International Trade


In the realm of business excellence and international recognition, few honors carry the prestige of the Queen’s Award for Enterprise (Now known as the King’s Award for Enterprise). This illustrious accolade, regarded as the pinnacle of achievement for UK companies, celebrates outstanding contributions in various categories, showcasing innovation, sustainability, and success on the global stage. Today, we proudly reflect on Watson’s triumph in the category of international trade.


The Queen’s Award for Enterprise: A Brief Overview

Established in 1965, the Queen’s Award for Enterprise is a symbol of excellence bestowed upon businesses that exhibit exceptional performance, innovation, and commitment to social responsibility. Endorsed by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and now King Charles III, this prestigious award is a testament to the highest standards in British business.


Previous Winners: A Legacy of Excellence

Over the years, the Queen’s Award for Enterprise has recognized a diverse array of companies that have made significant contributions to the UK’s economic landscape. Previous winners span various industries, from technology and manufacturing to healthcare and beyond.

We are in good company…

Jaguar Land Rover (Automotive): Recognized for outstanding achievement in the international trade category.

Rolls-Royce Plc (Innovation): Awarded for innovations in engineering and technology.

Bentley Motors (International Trade): Awarded for excellence in exporting luxury automobiles.

Red Bull (International Trade): Acknowledged for success in exporting energy drinks and building a global brand.

Harrods (International Trade): Recognized for excellence in international trade, contributing to the luxury retail market.

Barclays Bank (Sustainable Development): Acknowledged for their commitment to sustainable and responsible business practices.


Watson’s Triumph: A Global Vision Realised

Today, we celebrate Watson, a company that has etched its name in the annals of the Queen’s Award for Enterprise. For Simon Watson, this achievement holds special significance as it underscores the realisation of a longstanding dream – to transform Watson Gym Equipment into more than a national entity. Winning in the international trade category attests to the company’s success in reaching discerning fitness enthusiasts worldwide.



Acknowledging the Team’s Ingenuity

Simon Watson attributes this success not only to the company’s global vision but also to the remarkable ingenuity and resourcefulness of the team. Especially during challenging times, the team at Watson has showcased resilience and innovation, finding ever more efficient ways to deliver the highest quality products to customers worldwide.


Continuous Improvement: A Pledge for the Future

There is no intention to rest on laurels. The commitment is to continue the trajectory of improvement, enhancing not only the quality of products but also the efficiency of services and shipping. This dedication to continuous enhancement reflects Watson’s pledge to offer nothing short of excellence. This year Watson opened its first international office in Sydney Australia with plans to continue global expansion in 2024.


Gratitude to Supporters: A Heartfelt Thank You

Simon Watson extends heartfelt gratitude to the dedicated staff and loyal customers who have been instrumental in the company’s journey. The customers, who have supported Watson over the years, are an integral part of this success story.


Conclusion: A Great Day for Watson

In winning the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in international trade, Watson has not only secured a place among the elite but has also proven that dedication, innovation, and a global perspective can propel a company to unparalleled heights.

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