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Lateral Tricep Bar

Price :

£325.00ex VAT

ex VAT
  • A super effective way to build your triceps
  • Incredibly versatile bar
  • Reduce stress on your elbows
  • A must have for every gym
  • Lifetime warranty
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Product ID: 70520

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On All Framework. 5 Years - On All Moving Parts. 1 Year - On All Cables.


(9 customer reviews)


9 reviews for Lateral Tricep Bar

  1. mattbrooks00769 (verified owner)

    Just received the Watson tricep bar it’s fantastic the revolving handles takes alot of pressure off your elbows and onto the tricep just what I had hoped. So well made and a smooth rotating action makes it a pleasure to use. No uncomfortable straight bar again. All round 5 star for me and great costumer service too. Thank you Watson.

  2. eoinslatterypro (verified owner)

    I ordered this bar 2 months ago, awesome piece of equipment to work with I have notice size and definition on my triceps that I have never got before, this piece of equipment is well made and solid, and excellent customer service, will be ordering again…Eoin

  3. Ed (verified owner)

    Great bar, so much better on joints than using an ez curl bar for skull crushers.
    The rotation of the handles are extremely smooth even under high weight allowing you to have the exact hand orientation you want for the lifts.
    It also works really well as a curl bar with a focus on hitting the forearms

  4. RG.Dunlop (verified owner)

    The perfect bar for doing triceps extensions on a bench set at a steep incline. The name may say lateral, but this beauty allows you to dial in on the long head of the triceps like few implements can thanks to the enhanced range of motion that it allows.

  5. Troy

    A great bar and I’d love to get some more equipment from Watson’s.

  6. Bob

    It’s also a curl bar!

  7. Tony

    We absolutely love this bar

  8. Andy

    Very pleased with the Triceps Bar, had some great feedback from clients who are now following you online too see what you develop next

    The only issue I have is that the bar is way too heavy for my female clients and as that part of the market has grown the fastest over the last few years it maybe something that you could look in too

  9. John

    I am loving the bar!! I have currently ordered a custom made one that will be smaller and lighter. I noticed when using it for Zottmans, if i put more pressure on the stops on the negative it will treat tennis elbow. I can get the same effect for golfers elbow on triceps but only with bigger framed people. Hence the need for a smaller bar and at 15kg it is too heavy to use to treat some one that has a bad case of either. But the current one if great for prevention!!!! That and it trashes your triceps.

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