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Micro Farmers Walk Handles

Price :

£175.00ex VAT

ex VAT
  • Most compact farmers’ handles available
  • Handles up to 200 kg each
  • Perfectly balanced
  • Sold as pair
  • Lifetime warranty
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    Product ID: 70507

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    On All Framework. 5 Years - On All Moving Parts. 1 Year - On All Cables.


    (10 customer reviews)


    10 reviews for Micro Farmers Walk Handles

    1. volkerSchmitt (verified owner)

      Simple, space saving and effective. I hate farmer walks, but I love these handles.

    2. lechunks (verified owner)

      Andy – December 2017

      Save yourself the time and effort , superior to anything else on the market ideal for the garage or any gym requiring space saving equipment. Although I’m receiving strange looks from the neighbours as I use these in the street.

    3. Brian

      Love the handles! Great quality. Even my 8 year old son was testing them out for me lol. Looking forward to buying more equipment from you guys!!

    4. r.yarranton

      Excellent, well made product very good if you are short of space could not have hoped for a better product Watson customer services was also very good when I phoned to ask a few questions

    5. Halvor Lunda

      Great product for both grip training and farmers walk in tight spaces.They feel great in the hands, even though they are a bit thicker than a normal barbell/dumbbell.

      Highly recommended!

    6. James

      Handles are robust and ideal for loading up for grip training. I have used a few times for walking and are compact and stable, also very good for shrugs.
      They are far superior than using an Olympic bar for grip and shrug work as they keep your shoulders in a neutral position with the “hammer”grip.
      Highly recommended.

    7. James

      These micro farmers handles are very handy and robust. Not only are they great for picking up and walking around with but are also very good for performing shrugs as they don’t bang into your legs.

    8. Kjetil

      I have been thinking about investing in a pair of farmers walk handles for a long long time, but because of space issues I never decided to buy it. So when I saw the micro farmes handles, I knew I just had to get them.

      Have a great experience using it and I am loving the handles more and more!


    9. John

      These take a high end ‘bang for your buck’ exercise to new levels in terms of a unique feel feel and compact design. I hear people all the time go on about pushing and pulling exercises and splits. The carry is an often overlooked discipline that can bust you through to new levels of strength, size, conditioning and fat slashing, and quickly if you already take training, diet and rest seriously as it is.

      As for the feel, these have less stabilization issues than with full length handles but more so than a trap/shrug bar due to the each hand working independently of one another. So a decent weight to functional value ratio. Also make for a great finisher on deadlift days etc. to real finish off the traps and grip to mention only a couple.

      The first time out I Did 37.5 kg in each hand plus a 20kilo chain necklaced around myself, for bouts of 60-90 walks with a minutes rest between 2 sets. That’s the beauty of farmers walks… you can tweak the weight up and go for shorter walks or visa versa depending on your goals. In general though your body will grow in relation to the weight you build up to using with these. expect an epic after burn and challenge to your cardiorespiratory system when going ‘all out’ in dragon slayer mode! Like David1 says in his review… Gets your triceps and grip the day(s) after also.
      I simply walk mine up and down the close at home 1-2 times a week after pulling workouts. Highly recommended all round robust tool for any level of strength user.

    10. david1

      Again another top quality product from Watson. Its a clever design which will not replace the traditional Farmers Handles used in Strongman. However it certainly adds to a line up of training tools. I purchased these as I am becoming limited for space in my home Gym. These are compact and easy to store. I can see that they could suit a PT for bootcamps or training clients at home.
      One observation I found was that if you use thicker plates, or have the York ISO plates, you’ll be lucky to get 4 plates on each with a slim collar. However with regular plates you’ll get about 5. My first trail with these was with 60KG each side, I’m estimating the handles weigh approx.10KG each. Unlike Farmers Handles (the full length style) you get no rocking forward and back as you walk. To start a slight throw forward; but after that they hand nicely. You really feel it in your triceps as well as grip. Aside from the obvious walking I found they are great for a ‘Farmers hold’ load em up and hold on as long as possible – Ideal for grip strength.
      One final point. I thought these would fall over when stood up. They don’t they are really well balanced. I had three plates on each. Stood them in place and stepped back. The handles stayed upright! great balance and design.
      So if you fancy something compact, but a good training tool – look no further!

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