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Safety Squat Bar

Price :

£385.00ex VAT

ex VAT
  • Super Comfortable to use
  • Incredibly heavy duty
  • Lowers centre of gravity
  • Highest quality SSB available
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Weight- 30kg
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Product ID: 70436

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(13 customer reviews)


13 reviews for Safety Squat Bar

  1. rory.betts (verified owner)

    Great bar. I was a bit apprehensive about buying initially as it was a very expensive piece of equipment, however I am so glad I did. I reached a point with regular barbell squatting where I couldn’t progress any further because of the strain the straight bar caused on my shoulder. So since receiving my Safety Squat Bar not only has my squat increased, but I have been able to resume bench pressing and build that back up. When researching safety squat bars I was concerned that some seem to have cambers which are not ideal for the movement but Watson have nailed it with this bar- it feels most like a high bar squat/front squat. It sits on your shoulders and is balanced and will not fall if you take your hands away on different movements. In use it is very comfortable and solid, I totally recommend anyone in the market for a safety squat bar invest in one of these.

  2. Ed (verified owner)

    As someone whose had a very bad experience with squats and subsequent back problems from squatting in the past safety is always a concern especially as I train alone. The extra piece of mind that comes from the locked in feeling using this bar gives and being able to grab the cage for extra balance and support if needed is worth the purchase in itself.
    The padding makes it supremely comfortable even under heavy loads and spreads the weight very well.

    I’d definitely recommend this also for any other exercises when you would use a bar across the shoulder such as good mornings etc.

  3. ARGA (verified owner)

    I received my SSB one month ago and I have used mainly for good mornings and las lunges, it’s more comfortable than do them with straight bar, and you can concentrate in loading the body parts you are trying to work without worrying about your shoulders and wrists.
    Now I am using it for squats and it allows you to work your quads without low back o knee pain.
    I live outside the UK and considering the transport expenses, Watson’s price was the most competitive.
    Also you notice that the distribution of the weight is very balanced during all the movement.
    Great acquisition!

  4. einang94

    This bar is absolutely awesome! Haven’t been squatting with barbells due to knee problems, but gave it a go when this barbell arrived and I felt absolutely stabile and solid! Gave 170 kg a go and felt really great. Looking forward to putting on some heavy loads and increase my strength. This bar is awesome for people with injuries or mobility restrictions, many can actually begin training proper squats with this bar.
    Safety squat bar is a great bar which gives you the ability to go really heavy, or train squats more frequently with less stress/damage to ones elbows, shoulders etc.!
    Ofcourse the quality build is awesome as Watson always is! Feels and looks great.

  5. karrasr88

    Great Bar!

    I have had this bar for around one month now, and have been putting it to the test on several workouts. And so far the “Safety Squat Bar” has really ben preforming very good!
    I have worked up to over 310LB with it. Witch it has handled with ease, even though I cant say the same for my self ☺.

    The feel of squatting with this bar is something in between the feel of a Front-squat and a Back-squat.
    The “Safety Squat Bar” putts a larger emphasis/load on the back compared to a Back- squat, while allowing you to use more weight than you would be able to handle on a Front-squat.
    It also saves your forearms and shoulder by not putting them in a compromised position.
    And it forces you to keep the back arched and tight (teaching good form), so that you really are able to fight against the bar on your way up from a squat.

    In short an Excellent Bar!
    I would recommend it to anybody, from beginners wanting to learn proper form, to advanced lifters looking to step up their Squat game!

  6. William

    I bought it as a present for my son.From the moment of ordering I was kept regularly updated by Watsons on progress,and the delivery date(not a long wait)was agreed then met.The whole process was very impressive and totally professional.
    As for the bar itself,my son is delighted and says he cannot fault it in any way.He is already seeing,and feeling,the benefits in its use,and fully agrees with all the positive comments in the other reviews posted above.
    In summary,a great experience from ordering to delivery,and a very satisfied user who is delighted with the bar.All positive.

  7. massimiliano

    Definetely a great product. More expensive than other bar on the market but higher quality also. It gives you a new twist to your leg workout, and can make you squat safer. A must to have

  8. Paul

    Hi there,
    Received my Safety Squat Bar last month. The whole process from placing the order, updates on progress and finally delivery was A1.
    Love the new bar! It’s added a new dimension to my training. I think anyone who trains out of their garage or at home will agree that positive additions to your training environment gives you a real boost.
    I’ll be back for more.
    All the best.
    Tamworth, Staffordshire.

  9. Richard

    The Safety Squat Bar is the newest addition to my gym, after only using the bar for a couple of weeks, it is fast becoming one of the most important.
    As usual, Watson have created a superbly engineered product, however the really important work was carried out when the bar was being designed.
    Extremely comfortable and very well balanced. Using the bar is a joy, not very often you hear someone say that about standing in a squat rack with x hundreds of kilograms on their back .
    Other’s have eulogised far more eloquently than I ever could, so All I have to say is that I agree with all the other reviewer’s comments, this is a truly excellent training tool and I would recommend the bar very highly.

  10. JOHN

    This bar in incredible. I increased squat weight 25% in a month AND increased squat depth – before I could only manage bench squats, but now I go all the way down. This is due to the precise balance this bar offers as well as knowing that if I get stuck or off balance, I can use my hands to assist by grabbing the squat rack. The bar stays put. The machining of this bar is the best I’ve ever seen. I’ve also found that I can target different areas by angling the hand grab bars, shifting the center of mass from far front to body even to far back. Amazing. So no I’m saving for my next Watson purchase, because this was easily the best money I’ve ever spent on gym equipment.

  11. Francis

    Another fantastic bar from Watson – Very solid, heavy duty (30kg unloaded), sturdy but comfortable bar – Its designed to keep the weight central rather than pulling you forward like cheaper safety squat bars do – It’s honestly worth the investment for a proper bar like this one, that’s the best thing about Watson – buying their equipment is never a gamble, its always great!

  12. simoncowdroy

    From only limited use already seeing a massive benefit from the safety squat bar. I am no expert on the bio-mechanics but the re-positioning of the load further forward compared to using a normal bar is an major assistance in maintaining good form. I am also finding i can go a lot deeper than previously as i seem much better positioned and able to push out of the hole.
    Other key factor so far has been on the recovery side. as an over 50YO lifter with a legacy of injuries from previous sports it is nice to be hurting in the right places after a heavy session and not the back and knees.

  13. simon

    Even with added mobility exercises I have always experienced some degree of shoulder discomfort when squatting heavy with a straight bar, so getting to try the safety squat bar at a local gym was a real eye opener.

    This bar gives so much stability with absolutely no thought required that you can concentrate on good form. Since adding this bar to my Watson collection my squat is seeing steady progress that comes in part from the confidence and control the safety squat bar provides.

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