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Single Stack Tricep Extension

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  • Eliminate elbow irritation during triceps training
  • Achieve maximal levels of muscle stimulation
  • Suitable for lifters of all heights, sizes, and arm lengths
  • Super smooth movement for comfortable use
  • Indestructible design for years of Use & Abuse!



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On All Framework. 5 Years - On All Moving Parts. 1 Year - On All Cables.

Build Titanic Triceps Without Irritating Your Elbows…

A pair of ‘horseshoe’ triceps bulging out of the back of your t-shirt sleeves is the hallmark of serious upper body strength.

Although the biceps steal all the glory, your triceps make up the majority of arm size and are the real king of the upper arms.

Whilst beginners are rewarded with gains in triceps size from simply performing the bench press a couple of times a week, any lifter of an intermediate level of training experience or more will need targeted triceps training in order to continue stimulating new growth.

This is because a greater volume is required in order to stimulate muscle growth. Yet, this isn’t feasible from heavy work alone, since it will place too much stress on the joints and connective tissue, which may lead to injury.

However, one issue common amongst stronger lifters is that many of the popular triceps exercises trigger agonising elbow discomfort…

The Most Comfortable Way To Train The Triceps

Heavy exercises such as bench presses and dips can take their toll on the elbow joint, which can make lighter elbow extension work with dumbbells and cables both uncomfortable and painful.

This is due to many of these isolation exercises providing the greatest amount of resistance in the beginning and mid-range of the movement, where the elbow is most vulnerable. 

Therefore, the solution is to choose exercises the overload the end range, which drastically reduces elbow stress – this allows you to ramp up triceps growth-inducing volume without aggravating the elbow joint. 

One exercise that does this is dumbbell triceps kickbacks. However, this is an exercise that can only be loaded minimally, and though a small range of motion. Therefore, it’s not a particularly powerful triceps developer. 

Instead, what’s needed is an exercise that still places low stress on the elbow, but allows for much greater loading and through a bigger range of motion… 

Introducing The Seated Triceps Extension

The Seated Triceps Extension is the perfect solution for training the triceps without overstressing the elbow joint. 

Not only does it provide the greatest amount of resistance in the end range of the movement, but it can also be loaded with a relatively heavy load.

Here are some of the machine’s features: – 

  • Adjustable Start Position

Effortlessly adjust the seat height and back pad to suit your height and body size.

  • Undulating Handle

The undulating design of the handle reduces stress on the wrist compared to using a straight handle, adding to the comfort of the movement.

  • 100kg Selectorised Weight Stack 

Selectorised weight stack so you can rapidly change weight, making it ideal for training with a partner, or performing drop sets.

  • Self Adjusting Handle 

Comfortable to use for all arm lengths.

  • Indestructible Design 

Ultra heavy-duty machine that’s been built to last no matter how frequently it’s used. 

  • Super Smooth Movement

Just like all our other machines, this has a super smooth movement throughout the whole range, which helps to develop a solid mind-muscle connection and place maximum tension on the triceps as you perform each rep. 

You’ve Most INTENSE Triceps Stimulation You’ll Ever Experience

Although cable and dumbbell work is the often-preferred route for lighter triceps loading, they are overshadowed by the Seated Triceps Extension in terms of the amount of stimulation they can induce.

When training with free weights, the body is required to stabilise in order to move the weight, which means less neural drive can be delivered to the working muscle. As a result, it doesn’t receive a maximum stimulus. 

With the Watson Seated Triceps Extension, you will be fully supported by the machine’s comfortable backrest. This means you won’t waste any energy having to stabilise either your core or shoulders, which allows you to direct 100% of the effort into your triceps.

The end result is incredible muscle activation and a surefire way to ramp up muscle growth.

So even if you don’t suffer from elbow issues, this machine is a valuable tool for helping you build a pair of fantastic-looking triceps.

Using The Seated Triceps Extension In Your Training

Although there are plenty of ways the Seated Triceps Extension can be programmed into your training, here are some of our favourite ways you could use this machine in your workouts: 

  • Warm-Up

Performing a few ‘non-fatiguing’ sets of this exercise first in your triceps training may help to ‘warm-up’ the elbow joint and prepare it for heavy lifting. 

  • Pre-Fatigue

Performing a few sets to failure in this exercise at the beginning of the workout can be a great way to maximally overload the triceps with minimal elbow stress.

Furthermore, it allows you to work the triceps harder with lighter loads in subsequent exercises, thus lowering elbow stress even further. 

  • Giant Set

Place this exercise into a circuit of back-to-back triceps exercises in order to achieve maximum stimulation and a skin-splitting pump.

  • Finisher

Since this machine works the triceps the hardest in the end range, it makes sense to place this machine at the end of your training session for higher-rep ‘pump’ work. 

It’s also the optimal point to do extended sets, such as drop-sets, or use the rest-pause method, to help further ramp up volume and muscle growth. 

The Watson Guarantee

Now you can have peace of mind when ordering gym equipment.

Watson Gym Equipment is built with longevity in mind. 

Unlike other manufacturers who construct machines with a short life expectancy that deteriorates rapidly with frequent use…

Our equipment is built to last, no matter how much it’s used.

As we are so confident our equipment will last you forever, we are more than happy to offer you a lifetime warranty on all framework and a 5-year warranty on all moving parts.

If any part of the machine should ever need fixing or replacing, please feel free to contact us immediately.

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