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Animal Leg Press
Attention to Details Resulting in the Ultimate Leg PressIndependent Carriages can be Locked Together for Traditional UseAnimal Leg Press with Dual CarriagesAnimal Leg Press Rear View

Animal Plate Load Leg Press

In Stock

 ONLY £3420

As Used By The Top Gyms Worldwide – To Name Just a Few:

*Ben Pakulskis’ MI40 Gym

*Rob & Dana Linn Baileys’ Warhouse Gym

*Nick Mitchells’ Ultimate Performance

*Tony Dohertys’ Dohertys Gym

*Daine McDonalds’ Clean Health

***** See our Customer Reviews at the bottom of This Page

Animal Plate Load Leg Press - Watson Gym Equipment

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Are You Serious About Building Huge Legs?

The Watson Animal Plate Load Leg Press is quite simply the best 45° leg press available. The best way we can justify this statement is the fact that so many of the Top Gyms, Trainers and BodyBuilders around the world choose the Watson Animal Leg Press for their own Gyms.

Two completely Independent Carriages, both running on four Thomson 40mm linear bearings give this leg press the Smoothest and most Natural feel ever.

The Animal Leg Press can be used with the Carriages moving Independently or the Locking Bolt can be used to join the Carriages for traditional use.

While most leg presses have small single footplates usually about 700mm wide, ours boasts an amazing dual footplate 1400mm wide allowing you to leg press using the same stance you use when squatting.  (Each footplate is 700mm x 500mm!). The Oversize Footplates also allow you to greatly vary your Foot Placement to load different parts of your quads/hamstrings etc.

The Animal Plate Load Leg Press has a Large, Fully Adjustable Back Rest.

Top and bottom band pegs allow you to add resistance/assistance to the carriages via bands.

Each carriage can be loaded with up to 600 Kg.

Six weight storage pins allow for fast weight changes.

The Watson Animal Plate Load Leg Press will give you some serious results.

Independent Carriages can be Locked Together for Traditional Use

Independent Carriages can be Locked Together for Traditional Use

Attention to Details Resulting in the Ultimate Leg Press

Attention to Details Resulting in the Ultimate Leg Press

Additional Information

Review Summary

4.50 out of 5

2 Customer Reviews for Animal Plate Load Leg Press

    4 out of 5


    this beast is the finest leg press machine I have ever used
    it solves the 2 major problems I have always had with a leg press machine
    1. it is unilateral . . . on a conventional leg press machine if the user has a disparity in leg strength, as most do, the strong leg will assume more of the load and this disparity will increase
    with this unilateral machine you quickly feel which leg is weaker but there is no way to compensate with the stronger leg
    2. using the conveniently fitted rubber band struts you can make the exercise accommodating
    on a conventional leg press the bottom position is the weakest position and the position in which the lumbar is most vulnerable
    using a strong band evens this out beautifully and the resistance feels equal throughout the full range of motion
    the reason for the 4 stars is like all other leg press machines I have used there is not enough lumber support
    I place an “ab mat” cushion there and it is perfect although I think it should be possible to build this into the machine
    despite this it is a fantastic machine in every other aspect and will give you a lifetime of use

    5 out of 5


    This is without doubt the best leg press on the market. It feels completely indestructible and once you have it in place you cant even move it.
    I use to struggle getting in an out of other brand leg presses as my flexiibiity is very poor. But because of the adjustable back rest, I’ve never felt more comfortable. The main selling point for me is that the carriages can be locked, or used independently which is great strengthening the less dominant leg.

    5 stars for quality, 5 stars for functionality – I recommend this to anyone who is looking to spend some money on a leg press.

    The only downside was that they didn’t come with band pegs as advertised. However I made a quick phone call and they were with me the next day. They had just forgotten to pack them in.

    I got mine with a white frame and red upholstery and it looks fantastic

    Thank you Watson

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