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Only £255

** Gives Full Contraction of Lats

** Recruit More Muscle Fibres during Curls

** Rotating and Revolving Handles for Completely Natural Movement

** Incredibly Good Value

** Lifetime Warranty

B.D. Back & Biceps Bar - Watson Gym Equipment

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More Efficient Rows and Bicep Curls…

The fact the Handles on this Back and Bicep Bar Revolve as well as Rotate makes it Incredibly Effective when used for both Rowing and Curling allowing Full Contraction and More Muscle Fibre Recruitment.

The Width of the Handles can be Quickly and Easily Changed through a Narrow, Medium or Wide Grip.

Rotation is via Roller Bearings so the movement is always incredibly smooth no matter how much weight is being used.

This Bar can also be connected to a Cable Machine to further change the Strength Curve of the Exercise being worked.

Idea for this Bar from Tom Crudgington at Body Development in Bath.

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