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Watson Pro Dumbbells

Your Brand In Their Hands

First impressions matter.

And you only get one chance to make a good one.

How many visitors pass through your gym every day?

What kind of impression do they leave with?

No impression will matter more than the one your equipment gives.

And what’s one piece of equipment almost every visitor will touch?

Yeah, that’s right – your dumbbells.

Watson Pro Dumbbells - Your Brand In Their Hands

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See What Ben Pakulski Has To Say About Watson Pro Dumbbells!

Watson Pro Dumbbells

What Do Your Dumbbells Say About You?

Arnold Schwarzeneggar - Bodybuilder - Doing Incline Dumbbell Curls
Dave Tate - Powerlifter - Doing Dumbbell Floor Presses
Weekend Warrior - Doing One Arm Dumbbell Rows
Andy - Strongman - Doing A One Arm Dumbbell Press

Whether they train like Bodybuilders, Power/Olympic lifters, Strongmen or just your average Weekend Warrior, you can be sure they’ll pick up a pair of your dumbbells at some point during their visit.

It might be to do some curls (for the girls!) or some dumbbell bench presses, but rest assured that this one piece of equipment will find its way into everyone’s hands.

Think of them grabbing your dumbbells as their handshake with your gym.

What kind of handshake are you currently giving them?
What kind of handshake do you want to give them?

A limp, loose or uncomfortable handshake can ruin any business deal. And it’s the same with your dumbbell’s handshake, where visitors feel a:

  • Slippery Grip – from either having no knurling or too-shallow knurling.
  • Uncomfortable Shape – from having handle contours that will always be too hand-size specific.
  • Loose Ends – from poor design and/or manufacturing processes (see more about this below).

But what if the standard set of dumbbells you have your eye on look like they’ll give a “good enough” handshake?
What if the standard set of dumbbells you currently have are “doing just fine” (for now)?

When it comes to first impressions, “standardjust isn’t memorable!
“Good enough” just doesn’t cut it.

Think back to dating.

We all know that leaving no impression can be just as destructive as leaving a bad impression. How many of us have lost that second date because the impression we gave was “nothing special?”

Don’t lose that “second date” with your potential clients ever again!

Leave them with a lasting handshake to remember you by.
A handshake that is firm, solid and comfortable – a handshake that will speak volumes for your gym!

Don’t forget to check out our Pro Barbells Here…

What Do Our Dumbbells Say About Us?

So what kind of first impression can a set of Watson Pro Dumbbells leave?

We’ve thought long and hard about this question.

Back in the 90s, when we were surveying the dumbbell market, like you, we simply could not find a dumbbell set that met our core company values. Over the years we have crafted and honed the finest dumbbells you will be able to find on the market.

1. We care about your brand.

Nothing makes an impression quite like personalisation – it’s the icing on the cake for any high quality product.

Whether its license plates, clothing or gym equipment, personalisation makes you stand out from the crowd.

It gets you noticed and remembered.

It gives others a sense that you’re something special, that you’re above the average.

Let’s face it: Every gym has dumbbells

But only Icon Performance Health in Sydney, Australia has dumbbells that look like these:

Evolve - WPDs on Horizontal Rack
Evolve - Dumbbell Endplate

Creating Your Custom End-plate Design

Our specialist team of artists and AutoCad engineers transform your company’s branding into a unique end-plate design schematic. Using a custom computer-controlled, laser-cutting and etching process, we can take this schematic and create the most eye-catching branded dumbbells you’ve ever seen!

Branding can be either simply laser-etched with dumbbell weight denominations cut and coloured to match, like the examples below:

GymShark Clothing

Gym Shark (Design 1)

Utah State University

Utah State - Branding
Laser-etched Watson Pro Dumbbell End-plate - Utah State
Utah State - Bull Branding
Laser-etched Watson Pro Dumbbell End-plate - Utah State - Bull

Or we can use a layered plate approach (up to 4 layers), combined with specific colour masking, to produce some truly stunning results:

Three Layer, Two Colour Design

Example WGE End-plate Branding - Watson Pro Dumbbells
Example WGE End-plate Branding - End-plate Layers - Watson Pro Dumbbells

Three Layer, Three Colour Designs

Example Dumbbell Curl End-plate - Watson Pro Dumbbells
Example Dumbbell Curl End-plate - End-plate Layers - Watson Pro Dumbbells
Example Dumbbell Press End-plate - Watson Pro Dumbbells
Example Dumbbell Press End-plate - End-plate Layers - Watson Pro Dumbbells

Four Layer, Four Colour Design

Example Watson Brand with Union Jack End-plate - Watson Pro Dumbbells
Example Watson Brand with Union Jack End-plate - End-plate Layers - Watson Pro Dumbbells

Still not sure whether we can handle your branding?

Simply upload a high-quality image of your branding when you order, by selecting the option under “Customise Your Endplates?” and our team will take a look at it.

We’ll work through the transformation process with you and make sure you’re happy with the finished design before we mass produce it.

But if you don’t have a high-quality image to hand right now, don’t worry – there’s another option to have us contact you about it.

We know you’ll be thrilled by the results!

2. We care about quality.

With repeated dropping, dragging and re-racking, screw-tight dumbbells can become unscrewed and pressed-end dumbbells (or interference fit) can become loose or even pop-off!

Do you really want a potential client having to tighten your gym’s dumbbells between sets?
Or how about the lawsuit that might come from a dumbbell end popping off onto their (or someone else’s) foot?!

Broken Dumbbell - Unscrewed End - Round Head
Dumbbell Schematic - Screw Type
Broken Dumbbell - Unscrewed End - Hex Head

Forged in the crucible of strength, Watson Pro Dumbbells are the ultimate in heavy-duty construction.

It is physically impossible for our dumbbells to come loose.

It really is that simple; it just can’t happen!


By employing a totally different dumbbell design than the standard screw-tight or pressed-end dumbbells – that’s how!

We machine the dumbbell handle and first plates out of a single piece and attach extra plates via three M10 bolts on each face. No screwing around here!

Watson Pro Dumbbell - Schematic
Totally Different Dumbbell Design - Watson Pro Dumbbells

And because the bolts are intelligently positioned around the circumference of the plates, there is zero torsion force trying to undo them.

Being machined from solid high-tensile bright drawn steel, not cast steel and certainly not cast iron, make our dumbbells incredibly tough too.

Broken Dumbbell - Cast Snap
Incredibly Tough - Watson Pro Dumbbells
Broken Dumbbell - Cast Rust

We guarantee they’ll break you before you break them!

3. We care about comfort.

In all the world of serious strength training, we’ve come to expect pain as just a necessary part of the training process.

No pain, no gain, right?

But shouldn’t that pain come from the DOMS we get afterwards, rather than any injuries we get during?

After all, the right kind of DOMs only lasts a few days, but hand injuries can put clients out for weeks.

And we all know that one missed session can so easily lead to two, then three, then FIVE – and then you’ve lost your client to life’s other excuses…

Don’t let that happen!

A badly designed and machined dumbbell handle can wreak havoc on your client’s workouts:

Make the knurling too shallow and they’ve got nothing to hold on to – as soon as they start sweating, their/your feet better watch out!

Make the knurling too deep and at the first sign of slippage, they can kiss those carefully manicured calluses goodbye.

But apart from injuries, frankly we all know that if a dumbbell doesn’t feel quite right in your hands, it’s a distraction!

And the last thing you need when going for a PR is to be thinking about your grip.

That’s why we’ve created our Watson Pro Dumbbells to feel at home in your hands.

Our custom designed knurling pattern and carefully chosen knurling depth strike the perfect balance between a grip that feels solid and a grip that feels comfortable.

We also allow our customers to choose a grip-width that will be just right for their clients.

Standard 30mm Fixed Grip

Example 30mm Fixed-Grip Close-Up - Watson Pro Dumbbells

The de-facto dumbbell standard grip-width most gym goers are used to. That doesn’t mean it’s the best though…

Special 35mm Fixed Grip

Example 35mm Fixed-Grip Close-Up - Watson Pro Dumbbells

A slightly thicker width that makes all the difference to your hand. Everyone who tries the thirty-fives doesn’t go back!

 2” Thick Grip Revolving

Example 2 Inch Revolving-Grip Close-Up - Watson Pro Dumbbells

This is what Charles Poliquin recommends and it’s our favourite too! Hear about all the benefits of thick-grip training.

Not sure which grip to choose?

Most of our customers go for the Strongman 2″ (50mm) Thick Revolving Grips, but we recommend reading our suggestions in the FAQ section below.

Strongman 2" (50mm) Thick Revolving Grip Close Up - Watson Pro Dumbbells
Strongman 2" (50mm) Thick Revolving Grip Close Up - Annotated - Watson Pro Dumbbells

Or, you could just order multiple dumbbell sets with different widths, like Utah State University did.

And it’s not just the grip!

When we first made our dumbbells sets, some customers complained about the sharp edge of the plates digging into parts of their forearms, chest or thighs on certain exercises.

They talked, we listened.

The billets are now machined with a 3mm recess allowing the end plates to sit completely flush with the dumbbells.

Machine Chamfering - TRG - Watson Pro Dumbbells
Machine Chamfering - 70 Kg Watson Pro Dumbbell

4. We know size matters.

Every gym owner knows that space comes at a premium these days.

But there’s only so much equipment you can physically fit in a given space.

And with non-negotiables like quality power racks and lifting platforms taking up over 8m2 (e.g. 3.2m x 2.5m), your remaining floor space starts to shrink rapidly!

Typically, most gyms will require horizontal racks for their dumbbell sets, stretching them out along the length of an internal wall…and usually right in front of the mirrors…for some “totally unknown” reason!

M10 Fitness - Dumbbells in Front of Mirror

A standard set of dumbbells might contain roughly 20 to 30 pairs and could require a multi-tier horizontal rack over 3m to house them all.

Using solid high-tensile bright drawn steel enables us to pack more dumbbell into the same amount of space and thereby reduce the dumbbell diameter.

40Kg Dumbbell Diameter Comparison - Watson Pro Dumbbells

This allows you to fit more of them side-by-side on a horizontal rack, saving you space and allowing you to squeeze in that extra piece of must-have equipment.

TRG House - Watson Pro Dumbbells - Saving Space
Trident Athletics - Watson Pro Dumbbells - Saving Space

And our custom made 3-Tier Horizontal Dumbbell Racks will save you even more space23 pairs in the photo below!

Progressive Edge - Three Tier Horizontal Rack

Don’t have that much wall (or mirror!) space?

We’ve thought of that too.

Taking a cue from the East Asia, we also recognise that where space is a premium, you can’t always build out. Sometimes, you just have to build up!

So we’ve custom designed two vertical storage racks which have been built to specifically take advantage of the reduced area per kilogram (or pound) of our Pro Dumbbells.

What does that mean?

Quite simply: More weight in less space!

Just one of our Rotating Vertical Dumbbell Racks will easily pack over 500 Kg of Pro Dumbbells (1,100 Lbs – or 12 pairs) into a tiny 0.24m2 (0.49m x 0.49m) footprint.

Watson Pro Dumbbells on Heavy Duty Rack

And as you can see, it spins like butter even when fully loaded and is probably the only thing that moves this smooth carrying 500 Kg!

Need something more extreme?

No problem!

Take our Heavy Duty Fixed Vertical Dumbbell Rack for instance.

This beast can be LOADED WITH OVER 1 TONNE of dumbbells!

That’s over 2,200 Lbs!

And it takes up only 0.81m2 (0.9m x 0.9m).

But what if space isn’t a problem?

Or what if you just simply want the best?!

Introducing the New Watson Pro Dumbbells Custom Saddle Rack!

Custom Saddle Rack - Watson Pro Dummbells

This really is the ultimate in Watson Pro Dumbbell storage!

Are you worried your clients won’t take the same care you do when re-racking your dumbbells?

Are you concerned about chips, dings and scratches ruining our toughened chrome finish?

Then look no further!

Each dumbbell saddle is precision engineered from a high-impact, high-density, non-marking, nylon-composite material that safely cradles your beloved dumbbells, allowing for a faster, safer dumbbell removal and replacingespecially during those busy times!

Utah State Watson Pro Dumbbells on Saddle Rack
Saddle Rack - Saddle Close-up

We can custom create these exclusive racks to house any dumbbell set size, with our standard 3-tier version holding an enormous 24 pairs of Watson Pro Dumbbells and measuring only 3m long! Also available in a 2-tier version.

Want to go longer?

Especially without worrying about your precious rack bowing in the middle?

No problem!

We intelligently insert unobtrusive support structures once rack length gets over 3m and slightly increase the saddle size to effortlessly accommodate dumbbell sets above 50 Kg (110 Lbs) up to a massive 100 Kg! (220 Lbs!)

And with computer-controlled, laser-cut sides and gorgeous frame-colouring options to match your custom end-plates (or any other colour you like), these racks are the only choice for those that want the best.

Give each dumbbell a “home of it’s own” with a Watson Pro Dumbbells Custom Saddle Rack.

Double the Weight, (Almost) the Same Size

One other thing…

(And your STRONG-ER clients will love this one!)

Talk to any BIG GUY about training with dumbbells and they’ll tell you, once you get above about 50 Kg (or roughly 100 Lbs); getting that full range of motion can be a real problem.

Whether they’re doing presses or rows, having the dumbbells hit your chest before you get a full stretch or peak contraction will limit your gains.

They can kiss those limits goodbye with Watson Pro Dumbbells.

We strategically machine the diameter of our dumbbell weight plates to ensure that as the dumbbells get heavier, the plate diameter increases only when absolutely necessary.

Just take a look at this photo of a standard 40 Kg York Dumbbell next to a whopping 80 Kg Watson Pro Dumbbell – Talk about a relative strength increase!

Twice the Weight, Almost the Same Size - Watson Pro Dumbbells

5. We care about accuracy.

Any type of weight training involves measurement.

Records, PRs or even just tracking your day-to-day improvements is basically a numbers game.

And as you get STRONG(-ER), being able to accurately measure smaller increments becomes more and more important in making (and seeing) continued progress.

That’s why precision is very important to us here at Watson

We calibrate our Watson Pro Dumbbells to the exact gram!

So that your clients can rest secure knowing it weighs what it says.

When they pick up a pair of 50 Kg Watson Pro Dumbbells, they know they’re actually picking up a perfect 50 Kg in each hand – not 49, not 48 or 47, but 50, plain and simple.

Couple this benefit with some precision engineered sets of our Magnetic Micro Weights – which come in 0.25, 0.5 and 0.75 Kg versions – and you’ll be able to see progress every time you lift!

Magnetic Micro Plates - Top Side - Watson Pro Dumbbells
Magnetic Micro Plates - In Place - Watson Pro Dumbbells
Magnetic Micro Plates - Magnet Side - Watson Pro Dumbbells
Lifetime Warranty

6. We care about longevity.

How long do you think a piece of gym equipment should last?

We believe your equipment should at least outlast you!

After we carefully machine each and every part of your dumbbells, we have each of those parts nickel plated to ensure it won’t rust.

These are dumbbells you can pass on to your children’s children!

And just so you know that’s not marketing hype, all Watson Pro Dumbbells come with an industry best Lifetime Warranty as standard.

In a nutshell: If it breaks, we’ll fix it!

7. We are flexible, but never compromise on quality.

With customers including Charles Poliquin considering our dumbbells to be not only the best value for money, but the best made and the best quality, we are known for offering the highest quality dumbbells on the market.

However, we do appreciate that this may well be the single most expensive equipment purchase you make for your gym. We also understand that not every gym owner is in a position to drop thousands on a quality set of dumbbells as an investment.

So we’ve got two payment options you can combine to help you out:

Watson Pro Dumbbell - Payment Options - Pay a Deposit

Pay a Deposit

Don’t want to pay all that money up front?

No problem!

Simply select the option to pay us a deposit and we can start work crafting your dumbbells right away.

When your dumbbells are ready, we’ll email you a photo of them in all their glory for your approval.

Then after you pay the remaining balance, we will securely ship them off to you.

How does that sound?

Pay by Direct Bank Transfer

Five-figure card limits can be hard to come by these days, especially if you’re starting out in business.

And other online payment processors can charge percentage-based fees for large payments.

Watson Pro Dumbbells - Payment Options - Pay by Direct Bank Transfer

That’s why we now offer a direct bank transfer payment option.

You can wire payment to us directly from your online bank account and avoid these limits and fees.

Of course, this payment option helps us out too since it reduces the likelihood of chargebacks and eliminates any other processing fees at our end.

We would like to pass some of that saving on to you.

Pay for your order online by direct bank transfer and we’ll personally issue you store credit to the tune of 1% of your order value.

You do the math: 1% on an order over five-figures is a store credit of over three-figures!

We hope you enjoy the extra spending money.

Buy Your Dumbbell Set in Stages

Another option might be to buy your dumbbell set in stages, if you’re still worried about the initial outlay.

You could configure and buy a smaller set first, say from 3 Kg to 10 Kg in 1 Kg increments for just over 1K and see how you and your clients get on with them.

We’ll keep your custom endplate design on file and if you do decide to come back to expand your set, you’ll receive a discount on that configuration option – 10 pounds per pair!

And don’t worry about us disappearing in the meantime.

We’ve been in business for over 20 years – we’re not going anywhere!

The Best Things Come To Those Who Wait

Rome wasn’t built in a day” – and neither is a custom set of Watson Pro Dumbbells!

Typically, a set of 20 to 30 pairs might take us 6-8 weeks to finish depending upon how complex the endplate design is.

Once finished, we will email you photographs of the dumbbells for your approval before we pack each dumbbell individually into specially made shipping boxes.

Body Power Dumbbells

All of our customers agree that they’re definitely worth the wait!

But Don’t Just Take Our Word For It!

Charles Poliquin (Strength Sensei) is one of the world’s leading authorities on strength training and also one of the most accomplished.

He has designed workouts for Olympic medallists in 17 different sports, and professional athletes in the NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, and UK Premier League.

He is, quite simply, the standard by which strength training excellence is measured.

Here he discussing what you need to be looking for when choosing the best set of dumbbells to make an investment in for your gym:

Here again, using our dumbbells whilst teaching some little known techniques for stimulating maximum bicep development:

[wpfaqgroup id=”1″]

Review Summary

5.00 out of 5

4 Customer Reviews for Watson Pro Dumbbells

    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Great equipment! Couldn’t be happier and now waiting to purchase my next set!

    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    With a passion for sports and equipment I ‘m always looking for the best of the best. With the pro dumbbells of Watson ( 2″ rotating grip) I have found that!

    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    My second order Watson Pro Dumbbells arrived. Compliments to Jake!

    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    These are without a doubt the best dumbbells produced, they have exceeded my expectations by far! I bought the 2″ rotating grip and they are incredibly smooth and noticeably more comfortable on my wrists. The quality of these dumbbells must truly be seen to be fully appreciated. Outstanding job Watson!

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