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Heavy Duty Dumbbell Handles

Price :

£180.00ex VAT

ex VAT
  • Incredibly heavy-duty dumbbell handles that feel incredible to use
  • Highest quality build & finish
  • Choose of lengths (keep them as short as possible)
  • Lifetime warranty
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Product ID: 68889

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Available to UK customers only.


On All Framework. 5 Years - On All Moving Parts. 1 Year - On All Cables.


(4 customer reviews)


4 reviews for Heavy Duty Dumbbell Handles

  1. Jennifer_A_Bray (verified owner)

    I have a couple of pairs of these handles, I use them with Watson’s collars and the Eco plates.
    These are infinitely more reliable and better built than normal adjustable dumbbells: once the collars are locked in place nothing rattles, moves or comes loose. I don’t drop my dumbbells, but they are so solidly built they give the impression you could chuck these off a high building and they wouldn’t notice!
    I wasn’t sure about the handles initially, but they really work well, there is just enough texture to give you a good grip, but not so much that it tears into your hands.

  2. volkerSchmitt (verified owner)

    Perfect. If you want the best changeable dumbbells with Olympic sleeves, the Watson heavy duty dumbbell is yours.
    I love the feeling. I use three pairs of them in my home gym an I am happy

  3. mljonzy

    What can I say I was looking for Olympic dumbbells that can handle lots of weight and that will last a long long time. These dumbbell handles are exactly that these are absolutely solid and I think they will last me a lifetime. I am so glad I bought these special made instead of generic dodgy dumbbells that do not come close to these. Absolute bargain these are so happy with them.

  4. David Finot

    They are absolutely perfect, very high-quality and look great.

    The powder coat on the grip is fantastic for chalking up.

    There is enough space to put a fat gripz and work harder.

    You can also put massive load, so you have your DB sets for a nice price if you can’t afford to buy Pro style DB.

    Bottom line, this is the best handles on earth, so do yourself a favour and pick your Watson DB handles.

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