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Hip Belt Squat


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  • Train the squat without any stress on the upper body
  • Perform a high volume of squat work safely and pain-free
  • Perfect for those suffering lower back pain/upper body injury
  • Super smooth movement for comfortable use
  • Indestructible design that will withstand years of Abuse



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On All Framework. 5 Years - On All Moving Parts. 1 Year - On All Cables.

Now You Can Squat With ZERO Stress On Your Lower Back …

Strictly speaking, the barbell squat isn’t a complete lower body exercise. 

As the bar rests on top of the back, the upper body received a significant volume of stimulation. 

Whilst some people are more than capable of performing a high volume of work with barbell squats in order to build a bigger and stronger lower body, others may find it results in a number of issues. 

Since barbells place a compressive load on the spine, there is an increased risk of lower back injury from excessive squatting. 

This is because the lower back is the ‘weak link in the chain’ during barbell squats, and therefore, receives more stress than the lower body, which can remain understimulated. 

In addition, a high volume of barbell squatting can lead to intense discomfort in other areas of the body, such as the neck, shoulder, elbows, and wrists. 

Although many people will use the leg press to get around this problem, a high volume of work can aggravate the lower back in some users.

Furthermore, athletes who rely on squat strength to improve sports performance may find the leg press doesn’t have the same transfer to their chosen sport.

Fortunately, there is an alternative… 

Introducing The Watson Hip Belt Squat

The Watson Hip Belt Squat Machine is an incredible way of building lower body mass and developing strength without placing any stress on the upper body.

Here are some features of the machine: – 

  • Cable Machine

This makes the machine suitable for lifters of any height or size.

  • Adjustable Guide Handle

For added stability during the movement. Great for beginners learning how to perform the squat movement. 

  • Adjustable Side Rails 

Get support during more upright squat stances. Additionally, the side rails enable you to give yourself assistance and ‘push up’ from the bottom position, allowing you to safely perform eccentric work.

  • Safety Bar

Other belt squat machines on the market require you to start from the bottom position, which is a weaker starting point and will limit the amount of work you can do.

However, the Watson Hip Belt Squat Machine uses a safety bar to allow you to get fully ‘set up’ before you take the strain of the load. This means you can start the squat from an upright position and begin with an eccentric contraction.

  • Safety Stop

Adjust the ‘stopping’ position of the weight carriage so you can adjust squat depth. 

Not only is that great if you have a limitation that prevents you from squatting to full depth, but it also stops you from getting stuck in the bottom position of the exercise if you hit failure and can’t stand back up.

  • Extra Wide Footplate

Allows you to stand with a stance as wide, or narrow, as you need. 

  • Multiple Exercise Options Available

Adjust your squat stance to suit your needs, for example, a wide stance will help develop hip strength and take the stress off the knee joint, and a narrow stance will place more emphasis on the quads.

You can also perform split squat and lunge variations, making it ideal for individuals who want to build single-leg strength. 

  • Indestructible Design 

Ultra heavy-duty machine that’s been built to last no matter how frequently it’s used. 

  • Super Smooth Movement

The weight carriage runs on linear bearings, giving it a super smooth movement throughout the whole range. This makes it easy to maintain constant tension on the working muscles, no matter how much weight you use.


Who Will Benefit From The Hip Belt Squat?

The Watson Hip Belt Squat is ideal for a number of different users: – 

Injured Individuals

Individuals suffering from lower back pain can now perform the squat movement pain without any stress being placed on their lower back. 

Additionally, this machine can be used by individuals suffering from any type of upper-body injury that impedes the use of barbells.


Powerlifters who need to perform a huge amount of squat volume to increase their squat strength can do so without overworking their lower back and shoulders, which could interfere with their deadlift and bench press training. 


Bodybuilders who need to perform a huge amount of volume in order to increase their leg mass can now do so without risking injury to their lower back, or fatiguing their upper body prior to upper body training sessions.


Athletes who participate in shoulder-dominant sports, such as boxers and tennis players, but who need to train the squat movement pattern can use the Watson Hip Belt Squat, which allows them to keep their upper body ‘fresh’ so it does not interfere with their sports-specific practise. 

Many athletes may also find this a more preferable way of performing the squat since using barbells places undesirable stress on their neck, spine, and shoulders, which can have negative consequences in their sports training. 

Using The Hip Belt Squat In Your Training

The Hip Belt Squat can either be used as your main squat exercise in your training session, or as an accessory exercise in order to add more volume after your main squat work. 

You could either perform it on the same day as your main squat work, or on a separate day, which would allow you to perform more volume whilst letting your lower back recover from barbell squats.

The Restorative Effect On The Lower Back

Whereas barbell squats place a compressive load through the spine, the Hip Belt Squat does the opposite and decompresses the spine by placing it under traction. 

This helps to reduce the pressure on the intervertebral discs, by ‘pulling’ on the lumbar vertebrae. Which may help to prevent disc degeneration. 

Additionally, lifters with lower back injuries may find the Hip Belt Squat helps to speed up recovery as the decreased intervertebral pressure allows for greater nutrient delivery to the site of injury.

The Watson Guarantee

Now you can have peace of mind when ordering gym equipment.

Watson Gym Equipment is built with longevity in mind. 

Unlike other manufacturers who construct machines with a short life expectancy that deteriorates rapidly with frequent use…

Our equipment is built to last, no matter how much it’s used.

As we are so confident our equipment will last you forever, we are more than happy to offer you a lifetime warranty on all framework and a 5-year warranty on all moving parts.

If any part of the machine should ever need fixing or replacing, please feel free to contact us immediately.

Build A Strong Lower Body Whilst Preserving Your Lower Back TODAY




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