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Plate Load Independent Pullover

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£2,795.00 ex VAT

  • The Ultimate machine for complete Lat Isolation
  • Arm pads for maximum comfort and effective Lat training
  • Independent working arms give Unilateral movement
  • Super Smooth movement for Incredible feel
  • Indestructible design to take of heavy use & abuse



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On All Framework. 5 Years - On All Moving Parts. 1 Year - On All Cables.

Product Information

The Reason You Struggle To Build Bigger Lats…

A thick and wide pair of lats, reminiscent of a superhero, is a highly desired look by many people in the gym.

Typically, lat training involves a combination of chin-ups, pulldowns, and a variety of rowing based movements…

However, each of these exercises has the same problem.

These movements are all limited by smaller, and weaker muscle groups, such as the biceps, teres major, and rhomboids.

As soon as these muscles fatigue, the movement becomes compromised…

Resulting in your lats being left understimulated and nowhere near complete development.

In the early days of bodybuilding, bodybuilders attempted to overcome this problem by introducing pullover exercises using dumbbells and barbells.

This allowed the lats through a full range of shoulder flexion, without assistance required from any other muscles.

However, these exercises came with 2 major downsides: –

Firstly, they maximally loaded the shoulder joint at an extreme end range, making it a high-risk exercise for any lifter with previous shoulder issues.

Secondly, the lats only receive maximal tension during a small range of motion, when they were under full stretch – at the end of the movement i.e. when the arms are perpendicular to the floor, the lats received only minimal tension.

But this all changed in the 1970s…

The ONLY Way To Fully Isolate The Lats

Back in the golden era of bodybuilding, a brand new machine entered the bodybuilding market: –

The Pullover Machine.

Until this point, no other machine existed that enabled bodybuilders to place so much emphasis on their lats throughout a complete range of motion.

It quickly became a favourite of many bodybuilders, including Arnold Schwarzenegger, for building a massive upper back.

By eliminating the use of ‘assistance’ muscles, such as the biceps, you can completely isolate the lats through a complete range of motion, which is impossible to do with any other exercise.

Popularised by Britain’s 6 x Mr. Olympica winner, Dorian Yates, the pullover is hands-down the most effective exercise for complete lat development.

Not All Pullover Machines Are Created Equally

A common complaint amongst bodybuilders is that the majority of pullover machines are horribly uncomfortable to use…

And that’s IF they’re lucky enough to find a gym that has one.

With poor mechanics and an awkward movement, many of the pullover machines available today do a poor job of isolating the lats…

Leaving the lifter feeling like they’ve only been able to work their arms and shoulders.

So at Watson HQ, we didn’t want to create just another pullover machine…

We wanted to create something unrivaled on the market…

Something that would deliver an incredibly unique user experience…

That would blow all other pullover machines out of the water.

After months of work, we are proud to introduce…

The Watson Plate Load Independent Pullover

You won’t find a more effective way to build your lats.

The Watson Plate Loaded Independent Pullover provides you with: –

  • Complete Lat Isolation

Our specially engineered CAM system enables you to place constant tension on the lats throughout the complete range of motion, leaving no part understimulated and untrained.

  • Arm Pads

Most pullover machines require you to hold onto a crossbar, however, this can encourage you to pull with your arms in order to move the weight.

On our pullover machine, you place your upper arms on pads, thus allowing you to ‘pull with your elbows’ and completely eliminates the use of your arms.

  • Independent Working Arms

Now you have the option of training both sides together OR training one side at a time.

This immediately increases the number of training options you have for targeting the lats and ramping up muscle development.

  • Plate Loaded Design 

Plate loaded machines offer 4 advantages to the user: –

  1. Since you don’t need to buy additional weight stacks, they’re significantly cheaper
  2. You can load them up much more precisely (especially if you have access to microplates), which enables you to train the lats more thoroughly
  3. Due to being lighter, they’re also easier to move and quicker to construct (so you can jump into lat training quicker!)
  4. There is no maximum weight limit and they can be loaded up as heavy as you require with no risk of damaging the machine
  • Super Smooth Movement

The key to a successful lat activation in the pullover is a slow and controlled movement, which is made considerably easier with the super smooth movement provided in this machine.

This allows you to focus on the target muscle and achieve a maximal pump.

The BEST Way To Use The Plate Loaded Independent Pullover

The best way to train the pullover machine is at the beginning of your back workout, when the lats are fresh.

With no biceps involvement, it enables you to completely thrash the lat muscles, pumping blood deep into the muscle fibres so the lats begin to swell to their maximum capacity.

Not only will this allow you to ‘feel’ the lats better on subsequent back exercises…

But since they’re pre-fatigued, they won’t be left understimulated as a result of weaker muscles failing early.

When used regularly, it’s just a short matter of time before you begin to stretch the breadth of your t-shirts to their absolute limits.

The Watson Guarantee

Now you can have peace of mind when ordering gym equipment.

Watson Gym Equipment is built with longevity in mind.

Unlike other manufacturers who construct machines with a short life expectancy that deteriorates rapidly with frequent use…

Our equipment is built to last, no matter how much it’s used.

As we are so confident our equipment will last you forever, we are more than happy to offer you a lifetime warranty on all framework, a 5 year warranty on all moving parts, and a 1 year warranty on all cables.

If any part of the machine should ever need fixing or replacing, please feel free to contact us immediately.



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