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PRISON WORKOUT feat. Rotating Push Up Stands

Stan Efferding was here last week for our first Watson Seminar and we were having a chat about consistency and doing the basics well.

Stan commented how majorly yolked so many prisoners are, despite poor nutrition and less than ideal training options

The Push Up is an exercise that gives so much bang for its buck.

The classic chest jacker is like the multi vitamin of body weight exercises and works the following muscles:

Pectoral muscles



At Watson our driving focus is innovation. We took the mighty Push Up and gave it an upgrade…



The Handles on our Rotating Push Up Stands rotate meaning you’re not locked into a fixed position. This not only allows you to recruit more muscle fibres but also gives a more natural feel and reduces the chance of shoulder/elbow injuries.

The handles revolve on Twin Roller Bearings making them completely smooth.

The handles themselves are 50mm in diameter meaning they are really comfortable to use and won’t ‘cut’ into your hands as a more regular diameter bar would.

As with all our equipment these are built to take anything you can throw at them and will last a lifetime.


Considering what Stan had said about Super Saiyan Prison dudes, Dean and I got talking and we formulated a little workout for you.


What a beautifully perfect back exercise this is.

If you can’t do them yet, you aren’t gonna last the duration of your sentence… You better toughen up boy!

(seriously though, do some research, there’s lots of tips on how to nail this essential movement)

Concentrate on bringing the top of your chest to the bar and full hang at the bottom. No jerking… nice and controlled!

Hit 3 sets of 10 and then do a few more, cos you are a bad ass and the boss of tha yard.


Triceps and chest are doing the most work here and they are going to need to be jacked to hell, if you are gonna be able to hang onto your food at lunch time.

Dean is wearing chains, cos chains are lying all over the prison yard ready for you to drape around your huge neck and make you even heavier than you already are – HULK!

Hit 3 sets of 10. Is that easy? Add more chains ya pussy.


The Bench Press is your saviour, you will worship at his altar and faith in him will see you to brighter days and tighter t shirts.

Pull your shoulder blades into the bench, don’t flare your elbows and get that mind / muscle connection going.

They probably won’t have our Watson customisable, industry leading dumbbells where you are, but at least you have lots of time to think about the design you will have on the end of them when you get out!

Find out about The Worlds Best Dumbbells – here

2 Warm up sets to get the blood moving and then 2 sets of 8 reps where you are crying through 6-8 (But don’t really cry or you could be making unwanted friends sooner than you know it).


As we already established, the Push Up is going to keep you out of trouble. You are going to be so swole in your t shirt, that everyone will move out of your way when you walk down the corridors.

Your new prison name is Moses.

These Push Up’s are performed with our new Rotating Push Up Stands, which are now available in all prison yards and gyms globally!

Do 100 today.

Do 200 next week.

What’s that you said? Your chest is busted from the last set? Out of your pain a new you will be forged.


We are advocates of gun culture.

Big guns.


Those evil looking triceps need a partner in crime, introducing peaks of steel.

Respect the full movement here, no rushing through, contract the bicep at the top of the movement. No jerking, solid core, you are working your arms bozo.

3 sets of 12.


If you still have some energy left, you could do some other bits like:



Leg raises

Wouldn’t be busting out any star jumps though, not a good look for the yard!


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