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TRX and Rotating Push Up Stands workout

Lee Frapple aka @classiclee_ (Instagram) and I were having a play around with the new Watson Rotating Push Up stands and salivating over the perfect feel and rotation when we started to get experimental.   I remembered that I had my TRX Tactical Edition in the car and ran downstairs to grab it.   It [...]

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2017 roundup and achieving your 2018 goals

Here we are, 31st December 2017.   We thought it would be cool to look back at this year, look forward to the next, as well as some tips for achieving your dreams in 2018.   2017 2017 has been an incredible year for us, thank you for coming along for the ride.   Here [...]

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PRISON WORKOUT featuring our Rotating Push Up Stands

Stan Efferding was here last week for our first Watson Seminar and we were having a chat about consistency and doing the basics well.   Stan commented how majorly yolked so many prisoners are, despite poor nutrition and less than ideal training options!   The Push Up is an exercise that gives so much bang [...]

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Take giant leaps, rather than small steady steps

I wanted to write a couple of quick lines about the importance of Investing in Yourself.   I started my business back in 1999 and spent the following year working by myself, selling, designing, building, assembling and delivering gym equipment all over the UK. Actually most of what I sold back then seemed to be [...]

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Watson Seminar with Charles, Stan and Ed

SEPT 22ND, 23RD, 24TH Spend 3 incredible days learning from the best in the industry at the brand new Watson Gym and Factory Head Quarters Take a look around our new gym and HQ RESERVE YOUR PLACE NOW FOR JUST £500 5 FINAL SPACES RELEASED - DUE TO POPULAR DEMAND! DAY 1. BEST BENCH PRESS [...]

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