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Poliquin Dumbbell Handle

Price :

£225.00ex VAT

ex VAT
  • Super Smooth Revolving 50mm Grip.
  • 16″ Long for up to 60kg Loading.
  • Indestructible Build Quality.
  • Life Warranty
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Product ID: 68885

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CALL US: 01373 455 550 For more information


Available to UK customers only.


On All Framework. 5 Years - On All Moving Parts. 1 Year - On All Cables.


(8 customer reviews)


8 reviews for Poliquin Dumbbell Handle

  1. Aaron Webb (verified owner)

    Absolutely brilliant, rock solid dumbell handles. I don’t have huge hands but the extra thickness of the grip compared to all the regular sized grips I’ve ever felt just feels immediately natural and the knurling is absolutely spot on, neither too aggressive nor too smooth. Very easy on the hands.

    You can definitely feel (and even see) how much inertia the smooth bearings are taking away from your joints. While moving the dumbells throughout the rep range, you can feel the bearings doing their job and you can see the plates aren’t rotating along with the handle at all! I think this alone makes the Poloquins worth the extra cost over the more basic options.

    I undone the allen bolts and took the ends off just to have a look at the inner construction and see how they’re put together. Perfectly designed with minimal parts, everything is precision machined out of solid, steel rod, well finished and the bearings are sealed, cartridges. Pretty much exactly as you’d hope for the money and pretty impressive!

    I bought 14″ length handles with the 85kg Eco plate set, which are a perfect match to load fully, but, I’m so impressed with these handles, I’m even considering buying another pair in the shorter 12″ length just to have that extra freedom of movement on the majority of excersises I use dumbells for.

    Worth every penny, you will not be dissapointed with these.

    *Tip: You can buy a nano coating, anti-rust spray on Amazon to spray and wipe onto the Eco plates to keep them from rusting which is a better, non greasy alternative to WD-40!*

  2. Thorsten Bell (verified owner)

    Very good product, nice and solid and great for training grip strength.

  3. james_grahame (verified owner)

    Not so much a purchase, as an investment in yourself and your training. First contact with these dumbells you tells you that they are industrial strength and will last for decades. Definately, fit for purpose.

    I had previously been using fat gripz on the normal olympic dumbells you can buy online. I was also using a scaffolding pole cut to length.

    I thought there was creative/inexpensive/sufficient workarounds but I now realise I was wrong.

    I no longer have to concern myself with ensuring that the “join” of the fatgripz is in the appropriate place for the exercise. No need to make micro adjustments during my set.

    I am able to focus entirely on the exercise I am training.

    I am a returning customer and I do like the fat/thick handle equipment from Watson’s. I have an ambition to lift the Thomas Inch dumbell and I see Watson’s equipment as an integral part of that journey.

    All the best

  4. Kevan Moyes (verified owner)

    Great dumbbells. Bearing handles are very smooth and take a lot of stress off the wrists. I ordered the 16inch in length and they weight just over 5kg each, solid piece of kit!

    Very happy with the purchase

  5. charlesv800 (verified owner)

    Very satisfied of the quality etc, very smooth bearings and good grip…

    The thickness of the handles is about 5cm ! Surprising at the beggining but personnaly I’ve got about 20cm lengh hands so I quickly got used to

  6. papinono146 (verified owner)

    Great product, great company and great customer service (thanks Nick!).

    Ordered these in 14” almost a year ago because I wanted very compact dumbbells. I absolutely love these. They weight around 4Kg each and look so much better than the photo here.
    If you’re like me and can’t afford the whole set of Watson dumbbells these are a good choice even though they’re not as smooth as the original Watson dumbbells.

    Expensive as always with Watson but that’s the price for quality product. I don’t regret it at all.

  7. tompitcairn (verified owner)

    These are a superior product. Can’t say enough about the ergonomics. It is like holding a mini-machine in each hand. Smooth grip rotation and easy on the joints for a 50-something like me.

  8. Cameron

    I received my pair of 16″ Poliquin Dumbbells today. I was very impressed with the packaging presentation I received. There was a lot of attention to detail.

    The handles are very impressive. They are built like a Tank. I weighed them and each handle is around 5.5Kg! Solid engineering. The handles feel like collectors items to me.

    I’m from Sydney, Australia and I hope to start a collection of Watson Equipment. I’m interested in the 3″ thick grip Dumbbells most likely. My Dad was sitting with me when I unboxed them and he appreciated the workmanship as well.

    British engineering at it’s best!

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